Tuesday, September 8, 2015

[New Singles] Tank Washington X King Mez, Melat & Ike + Cory Kendrix X Anna Love & Hustle Man

Cory Kendrix from Denver links up with homegirl Anna Love to provide the backing for fellow Love Language member Hustle Man on "Running Game." All three of them came through Texas on the Codeine Sippas Tour and Cory is rocking POP Montreal later this month so it should be pretty lit in Canada next week!

Tank Washington aka Pacboi Tank from Austin teams up with singer-songwriter Melat and LA emcee/producer Ike along with Dr. Dre's new artist King Mez for "Last Days." The single is produced by Haris Q and shows Tank, Ike and King Mez speaking on the dark futures they see possibly unfolding across the nation.


  1. I wish there were more places like this, because it was simply too amazing for words. I came here with my boyfriend the other night, and it was absolutely fabulous. The use of wood throughout Chicago venues adds a very warm and inviting feel to venue.


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