Monday, June 29, 2015

[New Single] Cory Kendrix - Wanna Be ft FL of Foodchain and Hustle Man

Cory Kendrix celebrates his recent Westword Music Showcase performance out in Denver by dropping this new single featuring fellow Colorado emcees F.L. of Foodchain and Hustle Man of D.O.P.E Game. This is a turn up joint for sure and shut the stage down in Denver when he performed it live! Cory's gonna be dropping new music all through the year so keep your ears open!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[Podcast] The Over Tacos Show - Episode 2

Austinites Pacboi Tank and GoDJ Knowledge team up with LNS Crew Blog, Optimo Radio and Dirty South Radio to bring you the Over Tacos Podcast. In Episode 2, Tank and Knowledge discuss the Walter Scott shooting, Eric Casebolt, Rachel Dolezal, the third season of "Power," the NBA and NHL Finals, Dez Bryant, Chris Houston, Baron Davis, Lil Wayne, YG, Rick Ross, Drake's new role in iTunes Radio, and the new song by Nicki Minaj's ex.The featured taco spot of the week is Enchiladas Y Mas, and music featured includes the new Flick Of The Wrist remix from Chedda Da Connect, Chamothy The Great's "MT4T's," Dat Boy Supa's "Black In America," new music from Eric Dingus and the LOEGz plus more.

1. I Don't Give a Fuck - Trae tha Truth
2. MT4Ts - Cham tha Great
3. Magic Lost - S.Dot x Eric Dingus
4. Black In America - Dat Boi Supa
5. Flicka Da Wrist Remx - Chedda Da Connect
6. Wanna Be - Cory Kendrix

Friday, June 12, 2015

[New Singles] Austin Hiphop May 2015 - June 2015

Kydd Jones and Tank Washington - Never Again

Straight from comes a new leak from San Antonio producer J Money's new EP. The song features LNS Crew member Kydd Jones (who is gearing up to launch his new album, "GR33D") and Tank Washington. J. Money has produced for cats like Chicago's Mick Jenkins and San Antonio's Worldwide and is known for his chill boom bap influenced sound and this track is no exception as Kydd and Tank spit bars about coming up in a harsh environment and trying to make the most out of living in a bad situation.

Junior - Round Here

Junior recently dropped a new video (shot by Rodney Pinz) to this song on VEVO so here's the Soundcloud link to the song. Junior talks about how he's steadily been coming up in Bat City and has been focused on getting his bank account right. Junior's been puttin in work for a while and definitely is motivated to prove himself in the Austin hip-hop scene so keep your eye out on him.

GDMG Rocky & Slow Boogey - Puttin In Work ft Kevin Gates

Coming out of East Austin, Slow Boogey and GDMG Rocky rep TP3 on this new single. This trap song is on some club/party shit which makes sense consider it features Baton Rouge superstar Kevin Gates. TP3 is trying to make their name known in Austin by putting out quality street music and with songs like this they're definitely well on their way.

Dowrong & Eric Dingus ft Nicole Ariana - Houston

From OVO producer Eric Dingus and LOEGz youngblood Dowrong aka Lil Bully comes this banger featuring Nicole Ariana. Dingus is a master of wavy atmospheric trap beats, so combine that with a melodic hook that's done well courtesy of Nicole and Dowrong can't miss. I think doing stuff like this is a welcome change from his aggressive fast flow and it'll be interesting to see if he keeps stuff up like this for "Stack and Starve."

Kid Flame The Godson - T.R.I.L.L Shit Only ft Killa Kyleon

Kid Flame The Godson comes out the gate swinging with this new single with H-Town underground legend Killa Kyleon produced by Austin whiz Ty On Da Track. Killa bodies this joint and Kid Flame contributes some dope verses as well. I'd never heard of Kid Flame before but this song is a dope listen so make sure to peep game on this one.

$.dot & Eric Dingus - Magic Voila

This song was featured on the Houston Appreciation Weekend 2 tape that Dingus dropped through OVO a while back. The young producer phenom has really been putting ATX on the map lately and this song is no different, with COD and LOEGz member $.dot repping for 78704 with this banger. $.Dot is like the quintessential Southern street battle rapper and he's apparently got a whole solo project brewing with Dingus that looks like it could be an Austin hiphop classic.

Sertified - Is This What You Want

Sertified dropped off a loosie produced by Kydd Jones. The track features an energetic Sertified talking about the area where he comes from and what he's had to go through. He's got a few new projects on the way so you'll definitely be hearing from the Austin native again soon.

Dat Boy Supa - Black In America ft International Scoot & DOS

Dallas-raised Austin resident Dat Boy Supa drops this new track featuring Austin emcees International Scoot and DOS. The three African-American emcees speak on the experience of being black in America, where mainstream white people love the urban culture that is popularized by the media but at the same time are frightened by the idea of black people actually occupying the same space as them.

Chamothy The Great - Blackbook Playa ft 2Tone

Chamothy of Die Slo dropped this new joint, an ode to South Austin on some country shit. If you've ever cruised down the intersection of 290 West and Mopac, you gonna feel this Southside shit as Chamothy shouts out Manchaca on the song, plus 2Tone contributes a smooth feature verse as well.

Uptown Joe - Texanaboyz Dope Boy

AAE emcee Uptown Joe represents for both Texas and Louisiana on this ode to trap dealing. Joe has been in the mean streets and knows there's a better way out the hood and he spits about what he's seen on this song.

Clova - Watch Out ft CuttaMuzik

Yung Clova from the Southside teams up with ATX producer/emcee CuttaMuzik (who has produced for Texas acts like Chalie Boy & J.Dawg) for this song which describes the paranoia that Austinites always feel when we're riding dirty in our city and know there's gotta be a cop somewhere. Especially them unmarked cars, those are the worst.

JSoulja - Lean

Austinite Jalen Howard aka JSoulja drops this new joint produced by Chris Winston. JSoulja's been making noise for a while and shows his growth on this recent song and if he keeps dropping stuff like this don't be surprised if you see him on bigger platforms in the future.

Ike - Still Classic ft Mic Flo & Poise

June 5th was Mike and Ike Day in Austin as proclaimed by Mayor Will Wynn back in the day, and to celebrate, Ike aka 2020 released this new Haris Qureshi-produced single featuring Ohio's Mic Flo and Austin-by-way-of-Chicago resident Poise. Ike just released an album a few months ago with guys like Kydd Jones, Cory Kendrix and Laws on it so check that out as well!

Ruler Why - Lo Clasico Vol 2

San Antonio-raised Austin resident Ruler Why dropped a new instrumental album on Bandcamp and if you know Ruler, you know he's always working on some new underground boom bap albums. This one is no different, with menacing hip-hop beats galore for emcees and instrumental rap heads. This song in particular features a dope piano sample and bassline.

Click Clack - Housework 2.5

Click Clack drops the newest series of his Housework mixtapes. This one definitely seems to be his least serious as he mostly fucks around with a sardonic sense of cynicism and a somewhat angry look at identity as a mixed-breed in Austin in the mix of several different genres with hip-hop, indie rock and electronica. This song, "Away" off the album is actually pretty catchy, with a screwed verse between the hook which is dope. If Clack can synthesize something that draws all his influences into a musically consistent project, he could really make a lot of noise and not just in Austin.

Robby Shorts - Illest Kat

Young East Austin rapper Robby Shorts comes out with his new mixtape "Illest Kat." This guy has been working on his craft for a while so keep an eye out for him.

Team Next & Schema Posse Boz - The Recipe Vol. 1

Fresh off the release of their #2400 project, Team Next continues their momentum by dropping a collaborative effort with Three Six Mafia affiliate Da Bosnian of SchemaPosse. The 78724 continues to rep hard for the Austin scene with this new EP. This song and the last one probably have my favorite beats on there, and I hear there's already a second volume of this series on the way so we'll see what else these guys cook up.

Tee Double - Gas Mask

Austin's Tee Double drops off another album. The intro cut off here shows Tee pining over the lack of real emcees in the mainstream hip hop realm over some synth and grooving guitar. Tee's been doing this rap thing for a long time, but some experimentation here and there wouldn't hurt and him switching his flow to a faster pace on "Black Fist Solid" serves as a nice change of pace later in the album. Some more focused and diverse song-writing wouldn't hurt too, but one thing you certainly can't knock Tee Double for is consistency.

Ben Al ft Sertified - Lighter 4 Ya

Sertified and Ben Al team up for this chill song about smoking that's produced by Chamothy The Great of Die Slo. Sertified contributes a comedic weed aesthetic while Ben Al provides some lackadaisical vocal vibes at the beginning. Apparently there's a video coming out for this joint so stay tuned for that.

The Undergrind - Declaration

The Undergrind drops this dope underground hip-hop single about what it means to be a minority in 2015 America. Austin's Mirage and Philly-raised Austinite Side Effect spit reality rap about the obstacles normal people have to go through and the struggles black people are going through right now.

Kenny Gee - Work ft Yung Mike

Another youngster, Kenny Gee of Austin dropped a new track with Yung Mike. This energetic trap joint shows Gee and his homie talking about how they get money to blow in the Live Music Capital of the World. Kenny Gee will be opening for JMBLYA in New Braunfels later this month.

Space Camp Death Squad - Joe Dassin

Space Camp Death Squad drops courtesy of the Chronicle with this backpacker boom bap joint produced by Marcel Andrie. Namedropping cats like Lord Jamar and Rick Perry seems normal on this juxtaposition of Austin hipster punk and Internet cloud hip-hop.

Eli 44 & Schema Posse Boz - Rebound ft Jonathas

Eli 44 of Montopolis crew PIE and Three Six Mafia affiliate Da Bosnian team up and drop off the first single off their "Cora II" EP. Brazilian-American singer Jonathas provides the hook as Eli talks smooth to a chick that he's trying to get at. Definitely interested to see what the EP sounds like.

Scuare - Quittich

Scuare released this loosie in May where he exercises his rapid multisyllable flow and also shows off his melodic ability as well. If he keeps putting in work and releasing solid projects, the mainstream Austin media will quickly pick up on this guy's stuff.

Monday, June 8, 2015

[Podcast] The Over Tacos Show - Episode 1

In this episode, Tank and Knowledge talk about "Lil Mama" and her new song, "Sausage;" Sauce Walka of the Sauce Twinz and his opinions on Houston Appreciation Weekend; the NBA Finals and Steph Curry; the Texas floods; the recent drama in I Support ATX Hip Hop; and play some new music from Cory Kendrix, Sertified and Ben Al, Team Next, Junior & more.

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