Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A track on "Sounds In My Head 2" which is a remix of Bath's "Lovely Bloodflow," Kydd shares about his life experiences and reflects on the events and actions that have him brought him to this point in his life.

Monday, August 1, 2011


After packing his bags for Austin a year prior to this release, the native San Antonian gathered up his newly revised contact list and dropped what some would call a “holy smokes this is dope!” type of record. “Orange Lazarus” showcases Ocky’s lyrical prowess over a slew of boom bap, hard hitting, hip-hop production from some of the top producers in Austin and the blogosphere. Relying heavily on his knack for finding ear blazing production coupled with his cunning songwriting approach, “Orange Lazarus” definitely caught people by surprise. Tracks like “Six Pack o’ Big Flats” & “Hero Skyline” will keep any hip-hop fan on the edge of their seat, while introspective cuts like “One More Day” & “Pointing Fingers” will welcome the listener inside the mind of an artist just trying to get by. But if you want that #TurnUp, “Goodsounds Lifestyle” & “White Flags” will do the trick. Notable features included Cory Kendrix, Bang Boogie, & Curbside Jones. Notable production includes Lo-Phi, A Better Tomorrow, StewRat, & Beautiful Lou. #OrangeLazarus

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