Sunday, July 12, 2015

[New Singles] Austin Hiphop June 2015 - July 2015

Kydd Jones - Patience

Kydd released this single recently as a preview of his new tape's sound, with more of a new-age R&B feel. Produced by Scott Pace, this song is supposed to have a video coming out soon so we'll have to stay patient and wait for Kydd's new album GR33D to come soon!

King Kase ft Chamothy & Sertified - Ran Me Up A Check

Die Slo hits hard with this new StonerBoyKP produced joint that was mastered by TrackGonEat. The trap vibes on this one are definitely wavy as Kase, Cham and JD turn up on this song.

Chiclopz - Neva

Chiclopz comes in with this DVZN Media directed video. Produced by DJ Zetroc, The chill boom-bap bassline with vocals and guitars lets Chiclopz kick some street knowledge as his Mindz of A Different Kind compatriots make cameo appearances. The beat changes to a more basic percussion loop at the end, leaving you to wonder what else Chiclopz will drop.

D.O.S. - Do What It Do

DOS of SubKulture Patriots delivers this single off his "Obey The Raw" album with this Ari Morales-directed music video. The hype boom-bap beat from Ruler Why is grimy as hell and suits DOS as he parties with his friends. Check out the intro at the beginning as well of this extended director's cut.

Chamothy The Great - Dead Petals EP

Chamothy's new project is consistently high-quality, starting with the intro instrumental and going into "Early Dis Morning" with Fiyah Boy Flame Gang. "That Real" with King Kase and Sertified goes into the smooth "Pimp Talk" with Ben Al & another appearance from FBFG. The EP closes out with a standout in the indie influenced "MT4T's" which has a super catchy hook with Pacboi Tank of LNS Crew delivering the last verse. We heard a video for this joint is in the works, can't wait to see it!

Casino - Politics, Parties & Bullshit

Veteran Austin emcee and The Cleaners affiliate Casino of FratHouse Gang says this is his last album, and if so he goes out with a bang. There are a ton of Austin rappers featured on this album but my favorite cut off the project as Casino takes a realistic and nostalgic look at the rap game over a Chef Greezy beat.

Solis Made - Stop Lying

Element 8 Music Group dropped off this video to us, with Solis Made spitting aggressively over a trap beat. This is a young clique that's on the come up so keep your eyes peeled!

Country Cousins - Jugga Man

KPaul and Pimpin Pen dropped this heavy second single off their new tape "Country Kingz" with DJ Smallz. Unlike the tape's first single,  "Taking Risks" featuring Kydd Jones, this one is more of a trap hype banger.

Sertified - 3 AM

This new joint Sertified and Click Clack put out a little bit ago had us vibing. The heavy samples and bass are mixed by Garbage Man and give you an idea of the frenetic pace with which Sertified is working at.

Cha'keeta B - Freaks Only ft RJ Maine

Chakeeta B teams up with RJ Maine on this joint where she gives you the female perspective on getting freaky. She's been on the rise as a Texas rapper for these last few years so she's definitely got a lot of people's attention on what she'll drop next.

Soopa Frendz - Soopa Mix Vol One

SoopaFrendz out of Austin dropped this new mixtape and we were feeling this party rocker off the tape which features multiple members of the group and is produced by SoopaFrendz member Mista Mozes.

Norman Ba$e - Splash

Upstate New York raised, Austin resident Norman Ba$e released this new video of him rapping over a trap beat.

Phranchyze - Get On My Level

ATX rap veteran Phranchyze comes out with a poppier joint than we're accustomed to seeing from him. Not mad though, this song is dope!

Malik - Breakaway


Malik out of Austin, Texas releases his new project and put out this new video. I'm pretty sure this is the Greenbelt where he shot this but I could be wrong.

Deezie Brown - Little League Villains

Deezie Brown drops this new Kydd Jones produced banger. Deezie has been changing his sound in the last year or two since "Hoop Dreams" so you know his next album is gonna be crazy!

Khalil Farran - Arab Samurai Mixtape

Palestinian refugee and Arab rapper Khalil Farran of Austin, Texas brings out his new mixtape produced by Scan Reason. He explores a lot of political topics and his upbringing (even rapping in Arabic on a track or two). This track features Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill.

Pacboi Tank - Picture Me Rollin (Lounge Remix)

GoDJ Knowledge unearthed this old freestyle from Tank Washington the other day. Make sure to check out their new Radio show "Over Tacos" available at!

Eric Dingus - Apple Beats mix ft Drake & Oliver El-Khatib

The young producer/DJ prodigy made his first appearance on Apple Beats 1 Radio closing out the OVO radio show. Austin rappers S.Dot and Dowrong of the LOEGz repped for the city and both have solo albums coming with Dingus soon so keep watching!

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