Thursday, May 7, 2015

[New Mixtape] H+ EP

Producer Haris Qureshi aka H+ drops off his newest EP as an exclusive debut! We asked him to describe his most recent project and this is what he sent us:

"Basically this project was made from a bunch of old Bollywood records I had bought a few years ago from various local record stores (End of An Ear, Friends of Sound and Waterloo Records) as well as online. I decided to remix some tracks I had produced for the various members of LNS Crew and give the tracks more of a South Asian flair. The interlude and outro are made up of sounds from Bollywood records as well as some chopped up dialogue from various movies that sort of show my state of mind as far as being identified as South Asian / Desi and growing up in that culture during the 90s/00s as a born and raised Texan. Shout out Austin artist Manik Raj Nakra for knocking out the cover for me too."

You can follow H+ at and

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