Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[New Interview] Kydd Jones

So you worked with Kirko Bangz on his new mixtape... I saw that you and Scott Pace collaborated on a lot of the production for it, how was that process like?

Kirko and I have known each other for a while since we crossed paths earlier in our careers. Later on I submitted a few beats to him and he picked a beat called "Passion" which ended up being Trill Young Nigga. Years later, as I was finishing up my new album GR33D, I randomly woke up and decided to send him a track I produced the night before that I hadn't used for anything yet and it was just a beat and a hook. He emailed me back the next day wanting to work on more music so initially me being in the studio with Scott every day working on GR33D we soon began just working on beats and hooks for Kirko Bangz. We went to Houston a couple of times to chill with him too. Within two weeks we recorded like twelve songs and ended up with seven or eight on the mixtape, I forget.

What's your mindset as far as the production process? I know you sing and do hooks as well, is that something that you purposefully put on certain beats?

Whenever I start off making beats, it starts with the initial emotion I'm trying to release at that time through the drum and the sample. Sometimes I'll start off with the sample, lately I've been into 90s R&B and trance fusion overseas, stuff with vocals over it. It's all about the vibe, I try not to force anything. Usually the hook is done before the beat is done.

As far as song-writing and R&B goes, who are some of your influences? You've always been a melodic type of emcee, but lately it seems like you've been doing a lot more singing.

You'll definitely be hearin a lot more of that side of me. I was really influenced by Colin Munroe's early work as far as his style, delivery and songwriting capabilities. A lot of people have compared me to Kanye, Kendrick, Drake or PartyNextDoor, but all I'll say is at least they're not comparing me to somebody wack.

You're known for being a big fashion fanatic. What's a brand that you're watching at the moment that most people aren't really up on but will be soon?

Definitely my homie outta NY, Control Sector. They're really doing big things, just had a successful run at New York Fashion Week.

There's quite a few people that know you from doing the vintage clothing thing, what was one of the craziest things yall found that you had to let go for the right price?

Well one time I went to the Blue Hangar and I found a Bred Jordan 1 from 85 in mint condition, but it was only one shoe. Of course I still took it anyway. Got home, ordered pizza, smoked a blunt, went on Instagram and scrolled down, what did I see? A fellow thrifter had the other shoe cause he posted that day saying he had found one. I commented "I got the other shoe, let's meet up and make a trade." The Jordans might have been worth more but long story short, I traded him the shoe for a rare Selena shirt.

You've made an effort to include tacos in your promotion game. What made you first realize tacos could be a successful marketing tool and why do you think tacos in general have become such a cultural phenomenon? Do you think the taco represents something that you wish to embody or have your fans associate with you?

First off, I grew up across the street from a dope taco spot on the South side so I've always been in love with tacos. I feel like tacos are definitely an Austin thing, we got a lotta migos here that are my homies and that's my way of appreciating their culture as well as me just being a taco head. People love tacos and I feel like incorporating something people can taste as well as hear at your event is just a dope thing in general so call me TacoKang.

A lot of people first heard of you on Myspace when it was big back in the day. What do you feel like social networking's effect on music has been? Youtube counts too cause it's Google Plus.

Before social networking we were actually in the street with thousands of mixtapes. Now we're online doing the same thing but with links to a wider audience that you can give to people at a click of a button. But back in the day, you felt like you really knew everybody because you saw them at a show and they got their music from you or a friend. Nowadays if you don't reach out, it can seem like your fans are just a number, a retweet or a like.

Everybody's been wanting to hear your new album GR33D. I'm not even going to ask about release dates or features, but I know you produced most of it. What's the overall sound of the record mean to you? Is there anything you're trying to show or prove with this project?

I don't know. To me, it's melodic vibes on progressive beats. I guess I just want to show that I'm an innovative artist and songwriter and I just want to have people be aware of the youth in the greed of the world. You know, leaders life forever.

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