Saturday, October 1, 2011


“Akhi and Haris combine to drop some real hip-hop from the LNS Crew, sponsored by Thirty Three and a Third! All tracks are sampled from Japanese records, except for track 3 which was a record of a live performance in Japan, and possibly track 9 since it's in a foreign language that I can't read, but the people on the cover have slanted eyes. The album title refers to the code formerly used by the Department of Homeland Security to instill fear and panic in the American community. This album is dedicated to all people who have been kept down and oppressed and feel like they're not allowed to have a voice (like those of African descent, the Japanese during WWII, the Chinese and North Koreans, Latinos/Chicanos, Muslims, and all downtrodden people everywhere)!” –Haris Qureshi

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