Friday, December 21, 2012


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 Coming out of Austin, TX, known as “The Live Music Capitol Of The World,” and having already performed at major festivals like SXSW and A3C, the LNS Crew is determined to make their mark felt in the hip-hop scene. Comparable to golden age urban Southern posses like The Dungeon Family or the Screwed Up Click as well as modern powerhouses such as Black Hippy or G.O.O.D Music, their cross between modern, electronic hiphop and old school R&B lends themselves to the modern music landscape where influences from all over the spectrum mesh in the thick Texas heat in which the four main members were raised: Kydd, the native Austinite icon moving to the bright lights in New York. Cory Kendrix, the Oregon-born emcee/singer-songwriter who is renowned for his versatile style. Tank, the elder statesman who graduated from the streets to the booth. Deezie Fresh, the freshman from Bastrop who is influenced by gold chains, vintage clothing and old school hoop tapes. 

Just by themselves, these artists have already torn down stages and dropped classics —put them together on one CD as The LNS Crew and you would swear you were on to something legendary. Pour up a Sprite (mixed with whatever you want) and spark a Sweet as the LNS Crew continue their rampage with a new compilation album that show off their range and versatility. This tape is sure to be a great introduction to the LNS Crew for first-time listeners and even has some unreleased tracks to please the diehard fanatics. The LNS Crew album will serve as a taster until Kydd, Cory, Tank and Deezie drop their respective projects in the next few months.


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